Uniting Children's Advocacy Centers
One Voice, One Child, One Big Difference

What is a CAC?

Children’s Alliance of Montana works by uniting Children’s Advocacy Centers around the state to provide the services that kids need.

What is a Children's Advocacy Center?

Children’s advocacy centers (CAC) are safe, confidential, child-centered environments where families have the benefits of comprehensive services including forensic interviews, medical care, counseling, case management, and advocacy. At a CAC, a child can tell a trained interviewer who knows the right neutral questions to ask what—if anything—happened. CACs are the place where multidisciplinary teams gather.

What is a Multidisciplinary Team?

A multidisciplinary team includes prosecutors, law enforcement, child protection specialists, forensic interviewers, mental health providers, medical professionals, and victim advocates. Team members meet regularly to collaborate on child abuse cases in their geographic area. Meetings are designed to ensure victims of child abuse receive comprehensive services and appropriate referrals, as well as to track the progress of cases through the criminal and child protection systems. Multidisciplinary teams assist with securing the immediate and future safety of the child victim, minimize further trauma or revictimization, assist in the child’s healing, increase the quality of child abuse investigations, and facilitate efficient and appropriate disposition of cases through the criminal justice system.

Children's Advocacy Center Services